Yoga Retreat to Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice.  August 21-27, 2021

When: August 21-27, 2021
Where: Iceland!!!

Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts. A place where fire and ice co-exist. Where dark winters are offset by the summer's midnight sun. A country where insular existence has spurred a rich and vibrant culture.

Yoga can be defined as any method that allows us to wake up to who or what we really are and to what life is all about. Anything that allows us to be more aware of ourselves and to feel connected to ourselves and life is a form of yoga.

This retreat will be a great opportunity to connect to the beauty of contrasts within the Icelandic landscape and culture, and within yourself.

REYKJAVIK (8/21-8/23)
Our first couple days will be a chance for us to settle in and explore the capital city of Reykjavik in a relaxed, unscheduled way, but will include an event at a local brew house, where we will have the chance to try out at least six different beers and ales, each drink paired with a locally sourced and prepared Icelandic sampling course, served "Tapas" style, while our Icelandic host answers questions and talks to us about culture, customs, and current affairs.

If you are the type that likes things more scheduled, we've got you covered too! Our hotel works in conjunction with a reputable tour company, and during these first days in Reykjavik, you have the options of going on the a la carte adventures that you want, including the famous Blue Lagoon.

The Hotel: Centerhotel Midgardur is ideally located in short walking distance from all the main attractions in the city center. The hotel offers comfortable and modern rooms, a Nordic fusion restaurant and space for us to do our yoga. The Lobby Lounge is your casual place to hang out and offers minimalist lighting and plants that creates a soft and cozy ambience. The modern U-shaped design of the hotel features a tastefully decorated secluded garden, accessible for guests both from the lobby as well as from the restaurant. The garden includes an outdoor hot pool, which is a part of the exquisite Miðgardur Spa located on the bottom level of the hotel. We have upgraded retreat members from the Standard Double/Twin rooms, to the larger Deluxe Double/Twin rooms. The Deluxe double/twin rooms comprise of 2 single beds that can be made up as a king size bed or two separate beds. They are at an average 25 m² in size. Some of the rooms offer a beautiful view over the mountains and sea. A selection of rooms, also have a sofa. Bathrobes, slippers and admission to the Miðgarður Spa are included.

The Reykjavik Culture Night is one of the most popular events in Iceland and is the city's greatest celebration. People, from all around the country and from abroad, travel to the capital to enjo
y various cultural events. This is truly an art festival with all kinds of happenings all over town, be it theatre, music, fine arts, food or just fun.
The long program of cultural events stretches right through the day. A myriad of art exhibitions, string quartets and theatre events rub shoulders with rock bands, graffiti artists and an air display in the run-up to the fireworks at 11pm.

Calling all runners! The Reykjavik Marathon/Half Marathon/10K/3K is on Saturday, August 22. The Reykjavik races are not included in the yoga retreat, but it can be a nice add-on. What better way to recover from a race then spending a week in thermal baths and doing yoga. If you were to do it, you would just need to come a day or 2 early (but that seems like a positive to me). I did the full last year, and am planning on doing it again.
There are several obvious reasons for foreign marathon runners to pick Reykjavik, not least the fact that the running conditions are usually extremely comfortable - the route is smoothly paved and very flat, while the weather tends to be breezy, with temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s.
The atmosphere surrounding a race is also a hugely important factor for most runners, and the atmosphere at the Reykjavík race is electric. While the Icelanders would enthusiastically support the race anyway, it is actually planned to coincide with 'Culture Night' (Menningarnótt), a national event that brings up to a third of the entire population of Iceland onto the streets of the capital.
Although only around 200,000 people live in the larger Reykjavik area, large crowds gather in the streets to support the runners. However, parts of the course pass through uninhabited areas where there are few spectators, instead giving the runners a chance to enjoy Iceland's natural environment and the spectacular scenery. The marathon passes through downtown Reykjavik, a residential area, near a salmon river, and along the beach.

Get off the grid at Frost and Fire, a boutique hotel nestled in the geothermal foothills above Hveragerdi village on the banks of the Varma River, only 40 minutes from Iceland's capital area and only steps away from the quaint village's heart. With luxury amenities, an exceptional restaurant and some of the best geothermal swimming and bathing facilities in the area, guests are treated to an authentically Icelandic escape like none other.

Frost&Fire offers guests a unique, resort experience:
-Chef-made meals at Varma restaurant
-Geothermal bathing: sauna, outdoor thermal pool, thermal river and riverside hot tubs
-Iceland's otherworldly hills of Reykjadalur, where steam plumes rise from the ground
-The geothermal power feeds the local hot springs and heats the thermal river where guests can completely submerge themselves in nature's warm embrace

Guests of Frost and Fire enjoy a breakfast like none other in Varma, the hotel's legendary restaurant. Frost and Fire prides itself on putting together a breakfast spread that showcases some of the greatest hits from Iceland's culinary past, present and future. The hverabraud, or hot-spring bread, has been a local delicacy for centuries: a rich, moist rye bread cooked overnight in our very own ancient hot spring. Or try our choice smoked trout, a traditional Icelandic indulgence, from an exclusive supplier in North Iceland.
Our breakfast rely largely on organic farm produce including organic coffee, tea, cereals, jams, marmalades, honey and breads from local suppliers. Our produce comes from Iceland's own geothermally heated, eco-friendly greenhouses (the farm of the future!) and our eggs come from free-range, Icelandic hens (a heritage breed from the island's settlement). And if you'd like to try your hand at geothermal cooking, guests are encouraged to boil their own eggs in our hot spring.
Lunch and a 2-course (sometimes 3-course) dinner are also included in our retreat.

We will be working privately with family-run Iceland Activities in the second chapter of our retreat. They’ve led tours around this specific region for 30+ years, with a focus on getting people into the beautiful landscape that Iceland has to offer off the beaten path. Sharon and I are huge believers in not over-booking schedules on our retreats. We’ve always believed that this is a good opportunity to make positive dynamic shifts in our lives by having a little more unscheduled “me time.” But, here is an example of what Ulfúr and his family has in store for us on one of the days:

"We will start the day by driving to a 10km long black sandy beach. We will park our bus and walk to the beach 10-15 minutes’ walk, on the beach we have the option to do a yoga or just enjoy the moment and feel the north atlantic ocean with our toes.
After the black sandy beach we will head back towards Hveragerdi where we will go for a nice walk in the outskirt of town where we will tell you the history of my town, we will have the chance of seeing the salmon and trout jump up a Reykjafoss, smokey waterfall. We will show you hot springs that came to life in a big earthquake in the year 2008 and tell you how the people have been living with the hot springs and earthquakes for the past 100 years. We will also boil an egg in one of the hot springs and have hot spring cooked bread. We would also show you one of the green houses in town that is heated up with steam.
This is an half day trip, we will be finishing around 15:00/16:00, Then everyone will have free time and can walk more around town, or relax at the hotel which is one of the more unique located hotels in Iceland and perfect for those who like to relax and take in beautiful landscape/scenery."

The bottom line is that our time in Hveragerdi will be a blend of...
-scenic hikes
-outdoor yoga
-great food
-Icelandic culture
-thermal baths (maybe even under the Northern Lights)

Hveragerdi is also the home of 1 of only 3 breweries in the world that use geothermal power to make their beer.

Doubles: $2798.93 (security deposit: $559.79)
Singles: $3570.60 (security deposit: $714.12)
a 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your spot
If the trip is canceled, all money will be refunded.
all money can be refunded, except the deposit, up to 30 days before the trip. The preferred payment vehicle is Venmo.

There were NINE rooms available, now there are SIX.

*Flights are not included, but tend to be relatively cheap, and they are DIRECT from Minneapolis, and only 6 hours.

I want to go! I want to go!!! What do I need to do?!"

To register, or if you have any questions, contact Ted Roseen at, or Sharon Picasso at, then click "Attending," and start your happy dance.