This is it.  This is me sitting at my desk, listening to "We've Got Tonight," by Bob Seger and giving you all you need to know about YogaTed Yoga, and if by chance you don't find what you need, there is a good chance you didn't need to know it, otherwise the necessary contact information will get you to what you need.  Welcome and enjoy.  It's time to return to the playground and put fun back into your yoga.

Class Schedule

Find out more about the different times and locations that I teach on a regulat basis, just click here.

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Whether it's 108 Salutations, a hips and hamstrings workshop, or a Wine&Yoga, all your necessary information to jump aboard is available here.

The Annual Mexico Retreat!

It's a good sign when 20 of the 22 participants from the 2012 retreat sign up for the 2013 retreat.  Find out what you missed last year, but what could be waiting for you this year, when your car is buried under a foot and half snow. Click HERE.

All About Ted

Get to know more about me and find out about my training background. Why should we work together? Find out more about me.