Mixtape Yoga:  PRINCE!  Sunday, May 6.  8:30am-10.

It's been 2 years since the passing of Prince, so we thought that this would be a great time for our second Prince Mixtape REWIND. The first time we did a Prince Mixtape two years ago it was very cathartic, a chance to get together to mourn, honor, and enjoy a great artist. So, let's "rewind" and do it again. Usually the yogis pick the requests, but we have a pretty sweet one from year one, so if you don't mind, we'll just use that one again.

"Music creates a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." -- Confucius

USUALLY, this is how Mixtapes work:

I am teaching a 90-minute yoga class at the beautiful A-Mill Lofts. ALL the music played will be music from Prince. And, all the songs will be picked by YOU! When you reserve your spot, if you can widdle it down to 3, I need you to include your 3 favorite Prince songs. Three, because if somebody else has your #1 song, I'll take your #2... Then one of those 3 songs, quite possibly more, will be added to our yoga mixtape to be played during class. YOU DON'T NEED TO MAKE A SONG REQUEST TO ATTEND THE CLASS. But, for "REWINDS" we will just take the playlist from the original Mixtape of that artist.



COST: $15.*
(You can use your punch card for this event.)

RSVP with Venmo/PayPal, if you can. I do have a Square, if you want to use a CC when you arrive.

*Bring your own flash drive and $5 extra, and leave with your own copy of the mixtape!

Yoga for Runners.  Monday, May 7.  6:30am-7:30am.

It's the same great Yoga for Runners at a new time! Yoga Ted gets us out of bed a little earlier this summer to make room for folks with pesky regular jobs. Get your runner body all nice & streched out ... or just lay there peacefully for an hour. The choice is yours! Donation-based as always. Bring a mat OR use one of ours.


For the Facebook Event Page, click HERE.


LOCATION:  Mill City Running.  411 E. Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN,  55414.


The 9th Annual Yoga Retreat to Mexico. 2 DIFFERENT WEEKS! Week 1: January 12-19, Week 2: January 19-26, 2019.

Join Ted and Sharon on a 7-day retreat to help you break away from the doldrums of winter and jumpstart your new year with vigor!  Tap into that hibernating happiness through great food, beautiful surroundings, and the potential of doing yoga 3 times a day gazing over the ocean!  For more mouth-watering, bliss-provoking info and photos from years past, click here.