Mixtape Yoga:  ARETHA FRANKLIN.  Sunday, September 9.  10am-11:15.

With the recent passing of Aretha Franklin, this is a no-brainer. Here's a chance to get together to mourn, honor, and enjoy a great artist.

"Music creates a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without." -- Confucius


This is how it works:

I am teaching a 75-minute yoga class at the beautiful A-Mill Lofts. ALL the music played will be music from Aretha Franklin. And, all the songs will be picked by you. When you reserve your spot, I need you to include up to 3 of your favorite Aretha Franklin songs. Three, because if somebody else has your #1 song, I'll take your #2... Then one of those 3 songs, quite possibly more, will be added to our yoga mixtape to be played during class. YOU DON'T NEED TO MAKE A SONG REQUEST TO ATTEND THE CLASS.

LOCATION: A-Mill Lofts.  315 SE Main Street, Minneapolis.

COST: $15.*

RSVP with your Aretha Franklin songs, and Venmo, if you can. I do have a Square, if you want to use a CC when you arrive.

*Bring your own flash drive and $5 extra, and leave with your own copy of the mixtape.

Yoga for Runners.  Monday, September 10.  6:30am-7:30am.

It's the same great Yoga for Runners at a new time! Yoga Ted gets us out of bed a little earlier this summer to make room for folks with pesky regular jobs. Get your runner body all nice & streched out ... or just lay there peacefully for an hour. The choice is yours! Donation-based as always. Bring a mat OR use one of ours.



LOCATION:  Mill City Running.  411 E. Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN,  55414.

Yoga Brunch: Mindfulness & Mimosas. Sunday, September 16.  10am-12.

Mimosas, croissants, yogurt, granola, fruit, pancakes, and downward dogs. The SUNDAY BRUNCH edition of Wine&Yoga, hosted by Sharon Picasso, with yoga guru Ted Roseen, and wine guru Chuck Kanski.

RSVP to insure your spot!

YOGA: 10-11:15am (Performance Hall)
BRUNCH: 11:15am-12:01pm (6th Floor Club Room/Rooftop Deck)


LOCATION: The A-Mill Lofts. The 315 SE Main St. entrance (by the owl mural). Minneapolis, 55414. It's a secure building, so make sure to get to the entrance between 9:40-10am, or you won't be able to get in. If there is nobody there to let you in, try the callbox in the vestibule, look for "Roseen, T." If you need help or have questions, you can text me at 651.225.6198. 

COST: $30 (includes brunch and mimosas
$15 (just the yoga)

You can pay via PayPal or Venmo to "", or cash/credit card at the event.

Autumnal Equinox - 108 Sun Salutations.  Sunday, Sept.23.  10am-12.

With a new season, comes new intentions. Flow through 108 Sun Salutations while combining breath and movement. Take this time to set intentions for the new season while cleansing the body and mind. This is a perfect way to let go of what no longer serves us while moving forward with positive intention. Create good space for what’s to come.

The Autumnal Equinox on September 22 recognizes the symmetry between light and darkness, as Mother Nature establishes equilibrium between both day and night. As the warmth of the sun tilts away from the Northern Hemisphere, we accept that the soil is dying as we turn our attention inward for the slower, darker and colder months to come. The first day of fall also coincides with the start of Libra season in astrology, the sign of the Scales, marking a time for inviting balance back to body and mind after the whirlwind of summer.

There'll be snacks and refreshments.

COST: $20.

LOCATION: A-Mill Lofts.  315 SE Main Street, Minneapolis.


Dough-ga! Featuring Glam Doll Donuts.  Sunday, Sept.30.  10-11:15am.

To honor the ancient tradition--who am I kidding, we don't need a reason, they're DONUTS, that's reason enough. In our continued quest to take our mindfullness beyond our mats, we celebrate donuts, more specifically Glam Doll Donuts*. 75-minutes of yoga, followed by donut (and COFFEE!) bliss. AND, you have the chance to choose your own donut, so you may have to go do some research. Check out the menu:
or betther yet, check out the bakery itself, 519 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis.
Let me know the donut you want when you reserve your spot. If you don't pick, I'll get you one of my favorites, the classic Darling (chocolate w/ sprinkles). Either way, you can't go wrong.


COST: $20.
LOCATION:  A-Mill Lofts.  315 SE Main Street, Minneapolis.

*For those of you who are GF, I'm more than happy to pick up donuts for you from the wonderful Sift gluten-free bakery.


Surya Namaskar A 5K.  October 14.  9-10:30am.

Surya Namaskar A, the classic yoga sun salutation, is a great way to energize your body as you stretch and strengthen all of its major muscle groups. Then, there's running, a great way to get outside, and to improve cardiovascular and respitory health. But, it tends to tighten up those muscles. So, are the two enemies or the perfect couple? I would go with the latter. Come find out for yourself, whether you're a runner, a yogi, both, or NEITHER!

1) We will do 10-15 minutes of yoga, including 3-5 Sun Salutations
2) Then, you and a partner will run/walk 5K (3.1 miles), BUT...
3) There will be 6 stops, and at each stop you will do one of the sun salutation poses for 1 minute (each person): (1)Upward Reaching Pose, (2)Forward Fold, (3)Plank, Cobra/Up Dog, (4)Downward Dog, (5)Forward Fold, (6)Anjali Mudra
4) To prove that you did the stops, one of you will have to take a picture of the other doing the pose and post it to the YogaTed Yoga Facebook page with 
#SNA5k, or text it to me). The 1-minute time will be on the honor system.
5) A mimosa will be available to all finishers. What is Sunday at 10am without one?
6) It's the week AFTER Twin Cities Marathon weekend, so don't worry about it throwing off your training.


COST: $20.

LOCATION: A-Mill Lofts, 315 SE Main Street, Minneapolis.


The 9th Annual Yoga Retreat to Mexico. 2 DIFFERENT WEEKS! Week 1: January 12-19, Week 2: January 19-26, 2019.

Join Ted and Sharon on a 7-day retreat to help you break away from the doldrums of winter and jumpstart your new year with vigor!  Tap into that hibernating happiness through great food, beautiful surroundings, and the potential of doing yoga 3 times a day gazing over the ocean!  For more mouth-watering, bliss-provoking info and photos from years past, click here.

The YogaTed Retreat to BALI!.  July 25-31, 2019.

-Welcome drink, refreshing face towel, and welcome foot massage upon arrival
-En suite bathroom
-Air conditioning
-Ceiling Fan
-Free High-Speed Wireless Internet
-Unlimited complimentary filtered drinking water
-Fresh tropical fruits daily
-Three rooftop terraces offering dramatic views of the Indian Ocean, Bali's majestic volcanoes, and the surrounding rice fields.
-Complete expert concierge services
-Daily housekeeping
-In-room safe/lock box
-Bamboo smartphone speaker
-Organic shampoo, body wash, conditioner and body lotion
-High quality robes and slippers
-Smart multi electrical sockets
-Baggage service
-Laundry service
-Hair dryer
-Organic luxury toiletries
-Top of the line sheets, pillows and mattress

Each participant receives one Balinese Massage Spa Treatment in the award winning spa. Additional treatments including the Herbal Aromatherapy, Steam Room, body scrubs, manicure, pedicure, facials, and more will be offered at a 10% discount.

USA Today our retreat center as one of "The Healthiest Destinations for a Culinary Getaway." All meals are included. The resort's restaurant serves up Balinese and Indonesian cuisine, along with healing menus - featuring raw, vegan and vegetarian options without additives or preservatives. The retreat center itself is dedicated to healthy nutrition interspersed with the tranquility of a sustainable retreat. Cooking classes provide guests with a glimpse into ancient traditions, as the owners are descendants from a family of chefs who are practiced in the art of perfecting traditional recipes for generations.

-Day trip to Ubud
-Coffee Plantation
-Purification Ceremony
-Tempak Siring Water Temple
-Trip to the rural painting village town of Keliki
-Charity event
-An expert concierge team that will assist you to plan additional adventures and activities. Possibilities include surfing, scuba, snorkeling, Balinese dance classes, horseback riding on the beach, cultural excursions, waterfalls, learning any of the Balinese arts from a master artist, and just about anything they may dream up.

The option of doing yoga twice a day with Ted Roseen on a 2000 square foot space. It has been heralded as "Asia's best place to practice Yoga" and offers sweeping views of Holy Mt. Agung as well as the Indian Ocean and Bali's outer laying islands.

Airport Transfers
Intro to Balinese Culture
Art and Shopping Tour
Offering Making Class
1.5-2 Hour Private Session with a Gifted Balinese Healer

As with all YogaTed Retreats we look to make sure that the price is low enough to make it accessible to more people, while maintaining a price that won't sacrifice the quality of the experience. 

Double: $2409.00 (20% Security Deposit: $481.80)
Single: $3253.00 (20% Security Deposit: $650.60)