Yoga Field Trip to Moab.  September 21-25, 2022

When: September 25-29, 2024
Where: Moab, Utah


We are going on a field trip!!! We are partnering with WildSOL Retreats to go camping in the beautiful desert of Moab, Utah.

Here is an overview of our tentative schedule:


Wednesday, Sept.25
Attendees arrive between 3-5pm, orientation, and sit down for dinner at 6pm.  Sunset is around 7:15pm that day.  730pm restorative yoga and meditation. 


Thursday, Sept.26
Sunrise is a little after 7am.  Sunrise yoga from 7am-8am, with breakfast at 8:30.  Leave for Canyoneering around 11, getting back around 4:30pm, dinner at 5:30pm, evening yoga at 7pm. 


Friday, Sept.27
Sleep in day.  Yoga at 8am-9.  Breakfast at 9:30.  FREE DAY in Moab and/or Arches Nat'l Park.  Packed lunches.  Dinner at 5:30pm, evening yoga at 7pm. 


Saturday, Sept 28
Sunrise yoga 7-8am.  Breakfast at 8:30. Pack lunches.  Leave for SUP at 10am, returning around 3pm.  Dinner at 5:30pm. Evening yoga at 7pm. 


Sunday, Sept 29
Sleep in day.  Yoga at 8-9am. Breakfast at 9:30am.  11am departure.


Canyoneering on Day 2:
 Utah canyoneering offers a physically action packed day of hiking, scrambling, and rappelling through Ancient canyons carved out by time. This trip offers up an exciting way to see Moab’s less explored paths while getting you moving in every direction. The 3 mile adventure starts in the sand flats recreational area and meanders down into Grandstaff Canyon via two of the areas best rappels, and alongside the works 7th longest arch; Morning Glory Arch. A year round continuously flowing stream at the bottom of the rappels offers a lush desert oasis and hike out of the canyon.

Stand Up Paddle board on Day 4:
Flat Water SUP Session.  Water holds the great flow of life and no retreat would be complete without connecting to this source. Stand up paddle boarding trips are a great way to kick your balance skills up a notch or simply relax and let the current take you downstream.  Here the water keeps you moving forward and it’s up to you as to how you flow and channel the energy of nature’s current.

If you've ever tent camped before, this would be considered "glamping" of sorts, but if you haven't tent camped before it's "camping."
Provided are 10x10 tents with 2 cots, sleeping bags, 2" sleeping mats, 2 blankets, and 2 bedside tables. Tapestries are provided to create a room divider, if the two parties sharing the tent would enjoy more privacy. 
We will be camping in the desert just south of Moab on private property.  
All our meals will be catered, vegetarian meals.


$1650/person, an additional $700 supplemental fee, if you want the tent to yourself. There are only 5 tents available.

There were FIVE tents available, now there are THREE.

*Transportation to the site is not included (we highly recommend flying in and renting a car)

I want to go! I want to go!!! What do I need to do?!"



To register, or if you have any questions, contact Ted Roseen at, or Sharon Picasso at